Hiking in Gulpen, Limburg

about Exploring Holland

Hi, I’m Nathalie and I am an explorer of Holland. Exploring Holland is, to me, all about hiking, discovering new places and craft beer/microbreweries in the Netherlands, which – by the way – is my native country.

exploring is my passion, in Holland and abroad

In the course of the years I have traveled to a lot of different places, near and far, and I have always been grateful to local bloggers and other travelers for their tips. I usually try to avoid places that are overrun by tourists, and I am always looking for a local experience, blend in, as far as possible.

Sometimes I do this by just wandering around and see where I’ll end up. But I also like to prepare. To me, part of the fun is in the preparation. This way I can make sure that I won’t miss the best hikes and the nicest craft beer bars.

who I’m writing for

My exploring Holland stories are aimed at people a little bit like me. Travelers who’d like to visit Holland, but who’d also like to see a bit more than the center of Amsterdam and the standard day trip to the windmills and tulips. Travelers who’d like to have a local experience. And more specifically to travelers who like to go for a hike, and for travelers who’d like to discover the microbreweries of The Netherlands.

Now that is quite a specific combination, I know! So I have created different categories on this website. If you’re only interested in one of my topics, just visit that specific part. Check the top menu.

what I’m writing about when exploring Holland

some warnings

  • Be aware that I am a blogger, not a tourist guide.
  • My stories about exploring Holland are biased and represent my personal opinion about places.
  • As a former but longtime resident of Amsterdam, and presently a resident of the beautiful town of Deventer, I have a lot of specific knowledge about those places. Places that are a bit further out I have visited as a day tripper or tourist myself. I won’t write about places that I haven’t been to myself.
  • I won’t write about well known spots such as the famous museums in Amsterdam. That doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t go there. Some of the museums are unmissable! But you can read about those in any tourist guide and I have nothing to add to that.