craft beer

If you are a lover of craft beer, microbreweries and brewpubs Holland is definitely a country for you. There are almost 700 breweries in Holland right now. That’s more than in Belgium!┬áMany of them are open to visitors. Next to the brewpubs, a lot of bars specializing in craft beer have opened their doors in recent years. Read my blogs about breweries and craft beer bars that you can visit during your trip to Holland.

The 10 best breweries of Holland

Are you a craft beer aficionado? And are you traveling to Holland? Then you may need some help to find out which of the 700 Dutch craft breweries are worth your time. Read on to learn what are the 10...

Den Helder, view from the dunes

Why visit Den Helder?

Most people know Den Helder as “the town where you can catch the ferry to Texel” and as the main base of the Dutch Royal Navy. Most people pass it by without giving it a second look. So...

Poesiat en Kater brewery, Amsterdam

Brewpubs in Amsterdam

What is more enjoyable than drinking a freshly brewed local beer at the brewery itself? In Amsterdam, microbreweries have been mushrooming in the past couple of years, so this is the place to do a...