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Utrecht is the most central of the provinces of the Netherlands. Its main city is called Utrecht too and it is the 4th largest city in Holland. The other city in this province is Amersfoort. Both cities are popular, because of their historical city centers. In addition the province has many forests where you can go hiking. At this page you’ll find my blogs about towns, hiking opportunities and breweries in Utrecht.

The 10 best breweries of Holland

Are you a craft beer aficionado? And are you traveling to Holland? Then you may need some help to find out which of the 700 Dutch craft breweries are worth your time. Read on to learn what are the 10...

Autumn in forest of Baarn (Holland)

Autumn hikes in Holland: hiking in Baarn

One of the happy things in autumn, to me, is hiking in a forest and enjoying the colors of autumn. So this autumn, I will be sharing some of my favorite forest hikes in Holland with you. I will kick...