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Zuid Holland province is historically connected to Noord Holland province. They used to be one very powerful state until the 19th century. The landscapes are pretty similar in both provinces: low lands, polders, dykes, canals, 17th century towns and a strong influence of the sea.

Zuid Holland is a crowded province containing cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Gouda and Delft. Despite that, it offers many hiking possibilities, both in the towns and outside. For example in the polders and in the dunes. Read my blogs about Zuid Holland towns, hikes and breweries and get ready to explore!

windmill Schiedam (Holland)

Why visit Schiedam?

Schiedam is a surprisingly cool place to visit. Hidden behind its big and famous neighbor Rotterdam, Schiedam is a historical town with a couple of impressive super high windmills. It used to be one...

The 10 best breweries of Holland

Are you a craft beer aficionado? And are you traveling to Holland? Then you may need some help to find out which of the 700 Dutch craft breweries are worth your time. Read on to learn what are the 10...

The Hague

8 reasons to visit The Hague

When planning a visit to the Netherlands you will probably think of going to Amsterdam, our capital, first. But it is the city of The Hague that houses the Dutch government. The history of The Hague...

Meijendel dunes close to The Hague

Hiking in The Hague

When hiking in or around The Hague, you’ll be surprised about the amount of nature you’ll find yourself in so close to the 3rd biggest city of Holland. While The Hague (in Dutch: Den...